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Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication Department

Alexandera von Humboldta 4
tel: +385 (01) 6152 690
fax: +385 (01) 6152 685

The Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication Department develops all types of design documentation, renders consulting and engineering services for power projects, commercial and industrial buildings, and telecommunication and IT networks. The Department employs specialized graduate engineers and technicians.

An overall technological advance, particularly that of information technology, has enabled the Department specialists to develop models and tools for the wide range of their activities, particularly in development and definition of supervision and control system algorithms for the power industry, and analyses of interactions between different power and telecommunication structures in populated areas. 

The Department has achieved exceptional results on hydroelectric power plants, pumping stations, switchyards and thermal power plant projects. It can be said without boasting that the Department has designed almost all hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, and the majority of the pumping stations and switchyards in Croatia. The designs of power transmission and distribution included all the voltage levels (400, 220, 110, 35 and 10 kV), and primary, secondary and auxiliary facilities. The final products are comprehensive and integral concepts and documents prepared in collaboration with other departments. The Department offers quality solutions for energy conservation, energy transmission and power management, and especially revitalization/refurbishment of generation facilities thus meeting the market demand in this sector. 

The Department successfully participates in construction of pumping stations, cement mills, commercial buildings, and telecommunication/IT networks. The detailed analyses include LV distribution and MCCs, development of documentation on lightning protection, grounding, emergency power supply DC distribution, lighting, fire protection, intrusion protection and telecommunication installations.

Our specialists plan and develop public telecommunication systems, and process and business telecommunication systems necessary for successful control and management. The Department renders full range of services for telecommunication projects, such as telecommunication systems permitting and development of documentation for building and equipping telecommunication rooms, construction of antenna structures of all types, etc. The Department develops technical documentation, from feasibility studies to as-built documentation, for digital optical networks (ATM, SDH, PDH), digital microwave RR links, digital and multiplex systems, UHF/VHF radio links, mobile and fix communications, installations (telephone, gatephone, loudspeakers, CCTV), telecommunication networks, remote supervision and control, public alert and warning systems, security systems for industrial and power plants and facilities, and LAN, MAN and WAN networks.

This Department provides consulting and engineering services through all the stages of business and information system development, applying all the QA plan and program criteria ensuing from the applicable ANSI/IEEE standards. This segment of activities includes development of ready-to-use program solutions supporting development of various business and process systems, and supervision of IT projects.

Due to the broad scope of the Department’s activities, recognized experts from the university and other institutions have frequently been engaged as external collaborators on our projects. We have been encouraging additional education of our staff by organizing their advanced training. In return, these professionals have successfully applied their knowledge and experience in many countries worldwide, so that our solutions have been applied to the facilities in Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Iran, Maynmar, Papua-New Guinea, the USA and elsewhere.


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Alexandera von Humboldta 4
HR-10000 Zagreb
telefon: +385 (01) 6307 777
telefax: +385 (01) 6152 685
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