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Mechanical and Process Engineering Department

Alexandera von Humboldta 4
tel: +385 (01) 6152 692
fax: +385 (01) 6152 685

Principal activities of the Mechanical and Process Engineering Department include preparation of design documentation and rendering of consulting and engineering services for power projects, particularly thermal power plant projects. The staff consists of engineers and technicians, approximately half of them being graduate engineers and some having postgraduate degrees. 

The Department has been engaged on the Krško Nuclear Power Plant design, maintenance supervision, plant modifications and systems upgrading since its commissioning in 1981.Due to a permanent need for on-site consulting and engineering services, Elektroprojekt established a daughter company, NUKEL, in Slovenia.

The Department participated in all thermal power projects in Croatia. Our references stem from design and consulting services provided for construction of 27 thermal power plants totaling 8,000 MW, of which 17 in Croatia and 10 abroad (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, etc.).

Our specialists have also taken part in the development and engineering of nuclear power projects (Prevlaka, Vir) and in the construction of Krško NPP, preparation of preliminary investment programs and tender documents, bid evaluation, foreign documentation validation (equivalency assessment), final design and as-built documentation.  

In addition to the conventional power generation units, the Department designed 11 cogeneration plants gaining on them valuable new experience. Our staff has also provided design engineering services for steam and district heating mains, district heating systems and heating stations.   

This Department has considerable experience with the preparation of complete project design documentation, from preliminary studies to as-built documentation, including construction supervision of combined-cycle plants (gas turbines and heat recovery steam generators).

In addition to designs for power plants and facilities, the Department has large experience in design and consultancy for construction of industrial power projects having participated in 21 projects of that type.

A number of heat conservation designs have been prepared for industrial power facilities, including heat recovery for industrial halls heating and ventilation, condenser cooling waste heat recovery for agricultural production in greenhouses, optimization of power generation in industrial power plants, and the like.

The environmental protection facilities, waste treatment, and waste disposal facilities in thermal power plants, municipal and industrial waste management and incineration facilities are particularly important. The Department develops conceptual designs for flue gas desulphurization and waste water treatment plants, and has done analyses of prospective sites for the disposal of low- and medium-level radioactive waste.


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Alexandera von Humboldta 4
HR-10000 Zagreb
telefon: +385 (01) 6307 777
telefax: +385 (01) 6152 685
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