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Civil and Architectural Engineering Department

Alexandera von Humboldta 4
tel: +385 (01) 6152 691
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The Civil and Architectural Engineering Department provides design, consultancy and engineering services for water management, power generation, industrial, utility, public and tourist industry projects. Graduate engineers make almost half of the Department’s staff, some holding postgraduate degrees. Some members of staff also teach at the University of Zagreb.

Since the foundation of Elektroprojekt, this Department has played the main role in major projects implemented by Elektroprojekt abroad - in Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Libya, and Maynmar (Burma). Working mostly on project sites, Elektroprojekt’s staff provided overall design services, project implementation supervision, and frequently assumed project management functions.

Our local and foreign experience gained in environmental protection projects, multipurpose river basin development studies for entire cities (Zagreb) and regions, and experience with multipurpose water resources development projects is especially valuable. Spatially, these types of projects total 250,000 km2 of surface area.

The Department is best known for its hydroelectric power plant designs. Led by this Department, Elektroprojekt has designed almost all hydroelectric power plants built in Croatia. The total installed capacity of the 42 hydroelectric power plants designed and built to date at home and abroad is 4,550 MW. 

The Elektroprojekt specialists have developed designs for 50 dams and reservoirs, irrigation and drainage systems covering 820,000 ha of land, 114 river training systems, 90 km of power tunnels, 5 underground power houses for hydroelectric power plants, water supply of 82,000 m3/h, 37 pumping stations, and a number of other facilities both in Croatia and abroad.

Our experts are highly respected by their peers for the karst reservoir designs and projects (the Peruća Reservoir is one of the first and globally known).

In recent years, the Department has confirmed its special skills in the development of groundwater studies, particularly in mathematical modeling for yield forecasts and pollution control. Based on their experience in resolving design and project implementation problems, our staff developed 2D and 3D steady and unsteady groundwater flow modeling programs.

The environmental and waste management projects (landfills, optimum waste management, etc.) are particularly important to us. We are certain that similar projects will make an ever larger part of our future activities. 

The staff has gained its architectural references working on major Elektroprojekt’s local and foreign power projects for more than thirty years now.

More than twenty architectural and structural designs have been prepared for power houses, control buildings and other operating and auxiliary structures within hydroelectric power plants, architectural designs of power house and intake structure platforms, and dam areas. A number of projects based on our designs have been built in Africa, Asia, and Australia, and many Croatian projects that have been completed are waiting to be implemented.

Our references on thermal power plants include buildings and structures designed and built in Croatia and abroad.

Substations and switchyards constitute an important part of our civil and architectural designs. Pumping stations as part of power, water and reclamation systems are another important component of our designs.

Industrial plants, facilities and structures are less numerous than power facilities, but references have been acquired for auxiliary plants, facilities and structures in chemical, food processing and electrical equipment industry, and for steel and reinforced concrete structures in the oil industry and mining. Especially valuable experience has been gained in design of up to 50 m high steel antenna poles.     



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Other Department architectural and structural references concern landscaping and interior designs of public and tourist facilities such as schools, health-care institutions, hospitals, office and commercial buildings, restaurants and smaller hospitality facilities. 

The Department particularly fosters professional development of its staff, encourages personal initiatives, and organizes targeted training activities. Whenever necessary, external experts, firms, or institutions are invited to participate in our projects. This has enabled us to carry out our assignments at the highest professional level and gain the experience necessary for managing of the most complex projects.

Alexandera von Humboldta 4
HR-10000 Zagreb
telefon: +385 (01) 6307 777
telefax: +385 (01) 6152 685
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