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In order for the Vinodol Hydroelectric Power Plant (later named Nikola Tesla HPP) design activities to continue, a small group of engineers, designers specialized in hydroelectric power plants, and their collaborators joined their forces and founded Hidroelektra, a hydroelectric power plant design and construction company in 1945. This group, a nucleus of the present-day Elektroprojekt, attracted and engaged new specialists to become with time a modern design engineering company.

This group of sixteen engineers left Hidroelektra to join the Design Engineering Institute (Inženjerski Projektni Zavod) after its foundation on January 15, 1948. On April 1, 1949, the group left the Institute and began working independently under the name Hidroelektroprojekt. Since on this date the first employee was entered in the company"s staff records, it is considered the official foundation day. On February 6, 1952, the company"s name was changed to Elektroprojekt Power Generation Plant Designers, Zagreb.

By mid-1951, the activities of the company expanded and capacities grew, particularly after it was joined by groups of designers from the firms Termoelektroprojekt and Trafostanice. This led to the division into specialized departments for hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, and substations. On January 28, 1955, the company registered for overseas projects. In 1957, Elektroprojekt expanded the scope of its activities to include all types of hydraulic structures and projects and development of nuclear power exploitation studies. Already then the company was organized in four specialized departments. Late in 1955, Elektroprojekt had 154 employees.

In developing countries, Elektroprojekt has been present as a consultant on numerous large multipurpose schemes, often covering hundreds of thousands of hectares. Such projects meant development of complete regions, including irrigation, drainage, construction of dams, hydroelectric power plants, retention basins, reservoirs, pumping stations, water supply, soil and water protection, building and landscaping of complete housing projects, agribusiness complexes, and the like. In addition to numerous projects in the developing countries, Elektroprojekt was awarded contracts and successfully completed the New Martinsville Power Station project in the USA and the diesel power plants in Egypt and Greece. 

Almost all hydroelectric power plants built in Croatia, with their reservoirs, dams, tunnels and power houses, have been constructed on the basis of Elektroprojekt design documentation, as well as the thermal power plants, cogeneration plants, large substations and switchyards, district heating systems and heating stations. In telecommunications, Elektroprojekt has made a name in the planning and development of public systems, and process and business systems necessary for successful management and control of plants and facilities. 

Elektroprojekt made a major technological leap through its participation in the Krško Nuclear Power Plant construction and rendering of the follow-up services. The experience gained on the Krško NPP has been applied to the Vir NPP and Prevlaka NPP development activities.

Since its early days, Elektroprojekt has been particularly aware of the environmental protection issues, development of alternative energy sources and energy conservation. The Elektroprojekt experts teamed up with outside specialists for high quality environmental impact studies and assessments, and waste management studies. Elektroprojekt pioneered designs for major landfill sites.

During the war, from 1991 to 1995, Elektroprojekt gave its contribution to protection and reconstruction of public, power generation, water management, industrial and other facilities and structures. We have designed and participated in repair of war damages to the Peruća dam, construction of Dujmovača Diesel Power Plant, reconstruction of Osijek and Sisak Thermal Power Plants, Senj Hydroelectric Power Plant, etc. This was the period when Elektroprojekt underwent its last large reorganization. Once the country embraced the market economy, Elektroprojekt successfully transformed from a socially-owned into a private joint-stock company with majority of shares owned by its present and former employees. The company was registered with the commercial court on October 12, 1992. 

On February 13, 1996, Elektroprojekt founded Nukel, a company having a registered office in Slovenia, fully owned by Elektroprojekt and primarily focused on rendering services to the Krško Nuclear Power Plant. 

On February 22, 1999  Elektroprojekt moved into its new office building at 4 Alexandera von Humboldta St., Zagreb. It is a state-of-the-art building designed to enable high operational efficiency. Elektroprojekt presently has 105 employees, 80% of which is technical staff organized in four technical departments. Other staff has wide range of qualifications and they are employed in services supporting the technical departments.

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